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First we identify the damage, then we repair it like new



From leather welding to reupholstering damaged sections, we can repair a rip, tear, cut or burn of any size, on any area of your furniture.

Broken Stitching

Broken stitching

Torn seams or loose top stitching can be repaired easily by hand stitching or machine sewing.


Scuffs, marks and scratches

We can fix damage caused by pens and textas, children and their toys, shoes or transport damage through chemical cleaning, leather welding and recolouring.


Cracking and colour fading

Repairing general wear and tear, such as cracking, peeling or fading of leather can be achieved through re-spraying or reupholstering.

Pet Damage

Pet damage

From pet scratches and clawing to bite marks and damage from chewing. All can be repaired by using a range of techniques.


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